The first time you felt the pain was about 6 months ago, you were chewing something and arrgh! There it was! A sharp pain that resolved within a few minutes.

It came back again about a week later, this time you had to pop some pain meds before you got some relief.
Since then it’s been visiting you more frequently with each episode more uncomfortable than the last. At this point, stronger pain meds are your go-to. Someone said you should go and see a #dentist but the mere thought of going that route scares you more than the pain itself so you tell yourself ‘it’s not so bad, it will stop soon’.

Two days ago, it came knocking again but this time on another level. You have never felt anything so horrible, unable to eat, unable to concentrate at work, it nearly drove you crazy, you didn’t know when tears started streaming down your face as you asked your boss for the rest of the day off from work. You couldn’t sleep a wink last night, In fact, you were at the dental clinic before it was open for business this morning.
Another dental emergency, Another unpleasant dental experience.

Don’t let this be your story.
You might have 99 problems but dental pain shouldn’t make it 100.

Visit The SmileHQ for a checkup today.
Stop procrastinating!

The Smile HQ is a dental clinic in Lagos that provides care for a variety of dental issues and procedures.

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