I get a good number of visits from worried parents about bad breath (Halitosis) in their children. Sometimes the odour could be due to inadequate oral hygiene practices and sometimes maybe not. Here are possible reasons why your child might have bad breath.

1. Oral tissue disease

e.g tooth decay, gum disease and mouth sores can cause bad breath in children. No matter how one brushes, if any of these are present, bad breath will linger. Pls see a dentist for a checkup and management.

2. Sinus infections

stuffy nose, and sore throat are symptoms of sinus infection. Fluid buildup in the sinuses serves as a breeding ground for stinky bacteria which cause bad breath. Please, see a pediatrician for management.

3. Swollen tonsils

Inflammed tonsils can cause bad breath. Please see a pediatrician if you suspect this is the problem.

4. Foreign objects

During playtime, foreign objects commonly get stuck in adventurous children’s nasal passages. The plugged passage could also lead to bad breath. See a pediatrician for a checkup.

5. Dry mouth

In very active kids, dry mouth could be a cause of bad breath. Please keep your active child well-hydrated.

6. Mixed dentition

Children who are changing their baby teeth to permanent tend not to clean properly due to sore gums. This could also result in bad breath. A visit to the dentist plus supervised tooth brushing at home will help.

In order to eliminate the bad breath, the cause must be identified and removed. Visit us at The SmileHQ and let’s help your little angels enjoy the best oral health possible.

See you at the clinic soon.

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