Why choose SmileHQ for your Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty that addresses the diagnosis, prevention, management, and correction of mal-positioned teeth and jaws, and misaligned bite patterns. It may also address the modification of facial growth, known as dentofacial orthopedics.

Teeth can be straightened in adults, adolescents or children, using braces that may be fixed or removable. These may be adjusted and may straighten the teeth while allowing for growth and development.

Dental Braces

Crowding of teeth or poor alignment of teeth that may be too large for the mouth. This leads to a poor bite as well as an unsightly appearance. The most common teeth to crowd are the upper canine teeth.

Emergency Care

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Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening is the process of aligning crooked and malaligned teeth with either fixed or removable orthodontic appliances.

Benefits of Orthodontics

We can help manage abnormal positioning of the teeth, jaws, and face.

  • Improvement of self esteem
  • Improved function of teeth including better chewing and clearer pronunciation and speech
  • Routine and medical care and travel medicine
  • Reduced risk of dental caries occurring due to the collection of food particles between the teeth
  • Reduced risk of gum injury and trauma due to overbites and malocclusions
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